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WeHelpRx is a Prescriptions Savings or Discount Card. Using WeHelpRx Prescription Discount Card Can Save You Up to 75% on Your Prescriptions. Average Savings on Prescriptions Is 60%. WeHelpRx Prescription Savings Card Is Meant For People Who Are Uninsured or Under Insured. If You Have Health Insurance You Can Still Use WeHelpRx Prescription Discount Card.You May Find That Using WeHelpRx Prescription Savings Card Will Save You More Money On Your Prescription Than Your Health Insurance. Please Compare and Use Accordingly.

*WeHelpRx Prescription Discount Card is NOT Insurance.

WeHelpRx Benefits Everyone

  • Uninsured– Those with no prescription benefits coverage
  • Underinsured– Those with high deductibles, limitations or exclusions
  • No enrollment fees
  • Everyone qualifies
  • All cards are active
  • Unlimited uses
  • Never expires
  • Works for pet medications
  • Works for Flu Shots
  • No activation or enrollment
  • No personal information needed
  • Works for all FDA approved prescription medications
  • Share your card or print one for your family, friends, co-workers and your community
Our Card Works Nationwide

Our card is accepted at over 64,000 pharmacies including all major chains as well as most independent pharmacies.